Blood Fate – Erotic Vampire Film

Blood Fate - Erotic Vampire Film

In this erotic vampire film, Sovereign Syre is an eternal fate craving the forbidden. When she drinks mortal blood, she is possessed with mortal lust and damned to endless carnal cravings.

Blood Gods: Gender-swapping and Adding Color to the Hero’s Journey

Cadence St. John as Kadi

Looking at my ever-growing file of timelines and character drafts, it sometimes still surprises me to remember the idea for the Blood Gods series started as a single photo shoot.

The Price of Flesh: A Vampire Encounter

The Price of Flesh: A Vampire Encounter. Blood and Boobs.

She strips for you, her succulent naked skin enthralling you, blurring your senses, making you almost oblivious to her fangs, as she releases her own carnal lust... for your blood. Your head spins as she dances naked above you, the magic of her ancient sexual ritual possessing your entire being, the fire of pure, decadent desire consuming your mind and soul. She is a glorious vision of boobs and blood.

Vampire Tropes that Suck: The Once-Bitten Spread of Vampire Plague

Tiana's Revenge: Vampire Glamor Horror by Mich Masoch for Vampyrotic

Large swaths of vampire fiction and lore rely upon the conceit that, once bitten by a vampire, victims turn into vampires at contact or some time after death. But, like a blood-based Ponzi scheme, the vampire plague trope simply doesn’t add up.

Vampire Tropes that Suck: Why Do Vampires Explode in the Sun?

Cadence St John as Kadi by Mich Masoch

Of the common vampire tropes, exploding/turning-to-dust in sunlight is the most inescapable. Even in modern vampire lore, the Dark Ages superstition still stands on par with holy scripture. In an age of science and reason, shouldn't our vampires stop bursting into flames?