Blood Fate – Erotic Vampire Film

Blood Fate - Erotic Vampire Film

In this erotic vampire film, Sovereign Syre is an eternal fate craving the forbidden. When she drinks mortal blood, she is possessed with mortal lust and damned to endless carnal cravings.

The Price of Flesh: A Vampire Encounter

The Price of Flesh: A Vampire Encounter. Blood and Boobs.

She strips for you, her succulent naked skin enthralling you, blurring your senses, making you almost oblivious to her fangs, as she releases her own carnal lust... for your blood. Your head spins as she dances naked above you, the magic of her ancient sexual ritual possessing your entire being, the fire of pure, decadent desire consuming your mind and soul. She is a glorious vision of boobs and blood.

Vampire Stag Night – A Vampire Noir Short

Vampire Stag Night - A Vampire Noir Short

Phoenix thought they were shooting a regular stag film. She’d already done one or two, and it was harmless enough. Stand in front of the camera, take off your dress, do a sexy little dance in your underwear, strip naked and look pretty. This time was a bit different, she’d be performing with another model, a mysterious woman from Europe. Her name was Indigo, and she was going to give Phoenix a whole new experience she would never forget.

Rituals of the Vampire Sex Magic Coven

Rituals of the Vampire Sex Magic Coven

Welcome to the vampire sex magic coven, a group of witches who practice sexual magic rituals to harness the power of vampires. Ginger Sparks is one such witch, and she is preparing for a powerful ritual that will temporarily transform her into a vampire!

Bikini Vampire Lesbians!

Bikini Vampire Lesbians!

Wicked sexy vampire lesbians in bikinis! This vampsploitation romp is a festival of bikins, boobs and blood!

Blood Sisters: Vampire Lesbians in Heat!


"Vampire Lesbians in Heat!" is an exploitation-style vampire sex video starring Sarah Blake and Samantha Grace as two hot lesbian vampires fighting for control of their maker's power.

Bloody Tease: A Sexy Vampire POV Experience

Bloody Tease: A Vampire POV Experience

You can't help but watch her lips, shiny red and so succulently wet. Moving into the shower, you want to enjoy Arabelle's sexy mouth on you and you will, but not the way you think. Because a vampire's kiss is not quite what you were expecting.

Vampyrotic = Punk Rock? FUCK YEAH! Olivia Rose & Rolo at Vegas Punk House

Olivia Rose and Rolo - Vamp Punks in Love by Mich Masoch - Vampyrotic Issue 5 Punk Rock VampiresThere is something deliciously honest about punk, an absence of affectation. It’s not something precious, practiced and honed to a gleaming shine; it’s right out of the dirt, all rough edges and grit. Punk rock is immediacy; it’s chaotic, yes, and very very messy, but organic in the best sense of the word.

Punk doesn’t softly contemplate, preferring to grab you and your attention, fuck subtlety. You either dig it or you don’t. Punk doesn’t give a shit.

I had a rare opportunity a little while back. Not only did Jimi and I have a weekend planned at the Vegas Punk House, we also had the perfect models to pull off a photo shoot in the spirit of punk rock. Hot vampire girl Olivia Rose and Rolo are a couple of groovy ass punks and, most importantly, they embody the essence of punk; I’m pretty sure neither of them have a single pretentious cell in their bodies. What you see is what you get, straight-up honest sexiness with a fuckton of individuality and edge.

Some people might think “punk photo shoot” and immediately get visions of leather jackets, pyramid studs, sneering, etc. I blame the marketing culture that brought us Punk Rock™ to sell crap to generations of angsty mallrats. I guess, to me, punk is more about the spirit of the thing than hitting the obvious marks.

Our location, the Vegas Punk House, gave us the final piece of inspiration, walls literally papered with 30 years of punk gig flyers from floor to ceiling. Punk art, at least to me, is exactly what those flyers typify, made without self-conscious posturing and put out in the most basic, organic form. They have awesome impact, just in their simplicity. That’s what we were shooting for!

We wanted to capture the raw energy of lust without the usual posing. It’s a bit of a change of pace, since models are used to playing to the camera and not-quite-so-natural positions designed to show the naughty bits. But, we’ve always had good luck in working with great models and were sure Olivia and Rolo would totally rock it. (And rock it they did!)

We had a chance to hang out for a while before shooting the set. Jimi and I both fell absolutely in love with Olivia and Rolo. They are so much fun and unflinchingly genuine. We all had a blast, talking and playing in the Punk House. Jimi shot some sexy-ass video in the grotto spa, which you got to see a couple months back. Then we just chilled out with a cocktail and got ready for the photos. *haha* Of course, getting ready for this kind of shoot is not quite the norm. Olivia and Rolo grabbed their clothes and dried off … a little makeup was touched up and spikes freshened … pretty minor stuff, comparatively speaking.

After being used to fairly planning-intense shoots, we were purposefully stripped down, which was really fun and freeing to do. We set up some basic fill lighting, put Olivia and Rolo in front of one of those impressive walls, and just started shooting, letting the shoot take whatever direction it would. Initially, we had planned on some blood-play but, once we got underway, the thing took its own form and, in all honesty, we were so thrilled by how the pics turned out, it felt complete as it was.

What you see is the closest to raw as possible, with Olivia and Rolo being their fabulous selves and letting us capture them in all their hot, unfiltered glory. I love the fuck out of the photos and think you will, too. They are nothing if not real, just two groovy people getting their groove on, and not fussed about with … from my lens to your eyeballs.

Thank you Olivia and Rolo for trusting me to shoot the raw sexiness that is you!

Special thanks to Vegas Punk House for giving us the best possible place to play and to Fat Mike and Goddess Soma for making it the amazing place it is.

Check out the preview pics!



Olivia Rose and Rolo: Vamp Punks in Love (Preview)


I love it when things just fall into place! We'd been talking with hot vampire girl Olivia Rose for some time, trying to work out getting our asses to Vegas to shoot some vampire smut together. Then, fate

Sexy Vampire Pin-Up Cadence St. John in ‘The Runaway’

Cadence St John vampire pin-up by MIch Masoch in Vampyrotic Issue #5

'The Runaway', vampire erotica featuring sexy vampire babe Cadence St. John in an outdoor vampire girl pin-up set by Mich Masoch.